Myanmar isn’t a Nugety Candybar?


In an effort to stave a just revolution, the oppressive military regime of Myanmar has cut off cellphone and Internet connections because a lot of information was being “leaked” to the outside world on the state of the nation.

I can’t imagine this happening. First of all, I’m addicted to the Internet. I NEED it. Addicts will do some crazy things to get their fix. If Myanmar has a significant population of World of Warcraft junkies, then the military should pack up and apologize before someone gets hurts.

Secondly, this is both brilliant and dastardly. It shows the Internet is mightier than the sword, as the thousands of blogs and grassroots journalists that were spearheading the information campaign in a concerted effort have now been silenced. Will hand operated printing presses make a come back? Are pamphlets the new iPhone?! Will an Asian equivalent to Patrick Henry covertly blog “Give me liberty or give me death!“? I somehow doubt it. I imagine creating a Facebook group for a protest is a lot easier than setting type.

Regardless, viva la resistance!

Thank you for this information, Morgan Webb.

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One Response to Myanmar isn’t a Nugety Candybar?

  1. Mike B says:

    The government hasn’t been able to cut off the connections of large office buildings and companies using satellite internet.

    At last, corporate business is going to keep a grassroots freedom movements alive 😉

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