AT&T, you suck and so does your service.


I would like to take this moment to give AT&T the finger. I hope they can see it, because I’m doing it as hard as I can.

Read more about why AT&T thinks they can cancel your account if you talk badly about their service, policies or monopoly.

It also seems Apple has joined AT&T in thinking it rules the world. Apple has decided any third party applications they don’t like will render your iPhone useless! This is the equivalent of Microsoft saying Windows will no longer work if you installed a program that they didn’t produce. What gives?! Why are you hurting your business Mr. Jobs?! Has this deal with AT&T made somehow convinced you that you can do whatever it is you want? Or is it the other way around?

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2 Responses to AT&T, you suck and so does your service.

  1. Robert Chastain says:

    My complaint to the BBB:

    In July, when my wife and I moved to SF, CA, we set up service for phone (land), internet, and satellite TV. On 7/23/2008, when the Dish Network could not set up the dish in our apt., we immediately called AT&T to resolve the issue. Every time we called (including service set-up), they would connect us to the east coast AT&T which led to 1 hr. worth of phone transfers/holding time which led us over our alloted cellular minutes. Again, we cancelled ALL SERVICES on 7/23/2008 to a very lax employee who assured us she took care of it. We then got a bill for the services we were “receiving.” On August 26, we called again to cancel and were assured that we would receive no bill (except for the modem they sent us the day we called to subscribe). Yet still, we received another bill. This happened four times. Unfortunately, when I called them on 11/19/2008, they ONLY had record of the 8/26/2008 call to cancel, and not the first, third, or fourth calls! They “credited” back money from the internet and cable, but said they could do nothing for the phone service since I was “receiving” the service. I should note that this service was set up on 7/28/2008, while I called to cancel on 7/23/2008! While they reported today that I only owe them $32.13, I do not care. There is the principal that I cancelled this service several times, took several hours out of my life, and over $100 in cellular overage minutes all in vain. AT&T reports that they have no record of me calling them on/around 7/23 and that I did not cancel until 8/26 (who waits a month to cancel after a dish can’t be set up?!), but I know my cellular bill will not lie (it’s Verizon – not ATT). It will show phone calls to AT&T.

  2. joe raney says:

    Here is my last memo to AT&T:
    Thank you for returning the $377 confiscated from my GoPhone account. Although a medical problem distracted me from renewing on my contract date, I know that there was no legal obligation for you to return the money. As a demonstration of my gratitude, I am sending this note to websites that have expressed antagonistic views toward AT&T.

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