MMO Social Network?



My alterna-reality persona doesn’t want to meet you in real life.

There has been an announcement for Massive Multi-player Online Role-playing Game social network site. I think this seems sort of redundant. I’m already connected with my World of Warcraft guildmates on our message board and on Myspace. When I moved to DC, I met the ones that are locals. What do I need to join another social network for? The reason I’m in my guild and not another is because I like the people there. I’ve been in two other guilds and I would never want to meet any of those people. I don’t want to hang out with them, let alone have to interact with them on another level. I’m actually kind of concerned about the addition of the voice chat in the game.

I picked up Halo 3 and started an Xbox Live! account to play my friends. I joined a match with some random people and realized why I canceled my Live account 3 years ago – everyone on Live is a complete jackass that likes to curse and complain that your kill was stolen, lucky or some other excuse as to why they should be better than you. This added “voice interaction” is a actually an updated version of scrawling obscenities anonymously on a bathroom wall.

I can’t wait for all the guildless 14 year olds on WoW to get microphones. There is a reason they aren’t in a group. I play video games with my friends so we can hang out and have some fun. I don’t want to listen to people complain about their lack of skill and tell me I suck.

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