Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare, the latest military first person shooter in this excellent series, does not disappoint. I played the PC version, the platform I recommend for all first-person shooters.

Unlike the previous iterations, this game does not take place during World War II. This installment brings you to a modern day conflict that starts with your English special forces unit finding a nuclear weapon stowed away on a ship. The story then switches to an American combat unit in the middle east (where you are Pvt. Jackson – take a guess at sex and race), before culminating with the two squads converging on the threat in the former Soviet block country Something-or-other-stan. The story is pretty standard fare, but it cohesively advances the level locations and plot points. I won’t go into the details, but the voice acting and in-game cinematics are fantastic. I particularly liked the guard dog animations as they chomp on your throat. Those German shepherds are tough, but a quick flash of the knife when they lunge for your neck will put them in the dog house, so to speak (a thousand apologies). For the squeamish, fear not; it’s not particularly gory. I had to grin when I saw myself chewed up like Kibble and Bits. The attention to detail created many moments I thoroughly enjoyed throughout the game, this being one of my favorite. I also liked seeing a pack of wild dogs attack a rogue Soviet military squad.

Modern guns make for a lot of fun. In the training mission it tells you to shoot through walls at enemies behind cover – and they do seek cover. Go-go-gadget improvements to ballistics! You’ll get enemies that flank and even stick their gun around a corner to spray and pray. Generally the game intelligence is on point, I didn’t see anything as retarded as in Halo3. The tougher AI makes the game harder than previous installments. This is a good thing as I thought the first two weren’t challenging enough (but I still liked them a lot). As frustrating as it is to die a million times, I don’t want to feel like the hot knife that Rambo is, cutting through a butter soft enemy. I want a challenge.

I can’t complain about the game at all. There is a sniper mission in Chernobyl (Radioactively AWESOME! – favorite mission of the game), missions firing on the enemy from a gun ship, and light weapons fire fights with terrorists. All of them are fun. The only complaint I have is the length of the game. It took me roughly five hours to beat, from start to finish. It left me wanting more, but for the first time in a LONG time I actually wanted to play through a game again. This hasn’t happened since Medal of Honor: Allied Assault appeared in my college dorm (actually, I may have played through the other Call of Duty games more than once).

As with all things, I rarely play the multiplayer mode. Call of Duty 4 was no exception, I never got around to it. I don’t have anything negative to say about it because I didn’t try it out. I will say that I’m sure its multiplayer mode has to be better than the one in Halo 3 (I’m still pissed that game made me feel like I just stepped in steaming horse shit in my bare feet and if you tell me you actually liked this game I will think less of you). I watched my brother play deathmatch for a bit and he seemed to enjoy it. His credentials include countless weeks logged in Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, and America’s Army – I’ll take his word that it’s fun.

Since World of Warcraft is the greatest game ever, I rate the games I review on a scale of one to 10 days away from WoW. Call of Duty 4 took me away from the enchanted lands of Azeroth for nine days. COD4 is fun, looks good and the storyline almost feels like a movie. Definitely check this game out. It’s the best first person shooter I’ve played this year.

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