What to get your family for Christmas

Spoiler alert: if you’re one of my family members, I would like to warn you of spoilers; come back and read this after X-mas.

I’m not sure what to get my family members for Christmas. I’ve got two brothers, 23 and 20, a 16-year old sister, and divorced, 50-something parents. I don’t live close enough to home to have a good idea of what currently piques their interests.

My dad is a good-humored pastor. I’m sending him The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible by A.J. Jacobs. In the past I’ve purchased such novelty items as a Buddy Christ, a Jesus is my homeboy t-shirt, and Church with Reverend Lovejoy playset. I was thinking about buying a Roman coin from the time of Jesus, but I didn’t research it enough. It’s cool to think Jesus could have personally handled it. He also tends to like indie flicks, but I can’t think of anything I really liked this year. I thought about getting him a couple months of Netflix, but he didn’t seem interested when I asked if he’d use it. Ideas?

It was just brought to my attention that my brother doesn’t have his computer plugged into a surge protector. I learned this during competitive, ranked World of Warcraft arena match (we lost the match sans warlock). Also, unlike the books I bought him for his birthday, this gift will alleviate any feelings of guilt when I ask him if he ever got around to it.

I am unsure what to get my other brother. He has started collecting guns from World War II. My dad has started referring to our house as Fortress Bobosh, so I’m not feeding that beast. He likes daily comic strips and I recently lent him the Bone collection, which he also enjoyed. He’s still an avid gamer, but already has Call of Duty 4 (which I beat when I was at home for Thanksgiving – it’s sweet). Penny Arcade something or other?

The 16 year-old sister is tough to shop for also. She’s in her teenage years and has the attitude that goes with it. She can’t form an opinion without a group consensus from her peers despite my attempts to indoctrinate her against being a sheep. This means getting anything but an item deemed socially acceptable by her peer group won’t do. Oh, to be a teenager. So what do you get a spoiled teenage girl with rich friends? Hopefully the item isn’t pink.

Finally, my mother. I ordered a couple DVDs for her, but her birthday falls four days before Christmas so I need a second gift idea. She’s decided to go back to school and is in a music education graduate program. She’s really into folk music and wholesome values. Any thoughts? I sent her the Namesake and The Sound of Music thus far. She doesn’t seem to read for pleasure much (side effect of grad school – strangely enough I also write a whole lot less also), so sending a book wouldn’t be ideal.

As for myself, I don’t really need anything in particular. I’d like a digital SLR camera, but its an expensive item I can do without. The girlfriend asked if I’d like a Wii, but it would be wiisted on me as it would sit next to my unused 360. I’ve been debating building a new PC, but I think I’m going to wait on that one. It’ll only encourage me to ignore my studies. My 250 GB hard drive has reached its capacity, so I was thinking now is the time. I want a terabyte of storage but hard drives over 500 GB don’t use IDE cables anymore, making it incompatible with my current system (which started this whole “should I get a new one” deliberation). I think it’d be cool if I turned my old computer into a digital media server to stream movies and music to my HD monitor.

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One Response to What to get your family for Christmas

  1. Matt says:

    The Year of Living Biblically looks like a good choice. The writer went all out, “even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff”

    I found this audiophile-approved turntable for $350. I’m not asking for it for Christmas, but I’ll probably buy it in the coming year.

    Music Hall — MMF-2.1 Turntable
    http://sundazed.com/ (its in the right-hand column)

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