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I checked my blog web metrics today. My blog isn’t all that popular, which is fine. I don’t update it that often. My previous blog recounted my experiences dealing with the public while I was working at a retail outlet. Now that I work in an office, I don’t have as much direct contact with the public and the wonderfully colorful experiences it provides. This means I have fewer amusing moments to write about from day to day. I’m (hopefully) getting back into creative writing. It’s strange that I write less now that I am in grad school and have a job.

Anyway, the metrics. I was looking at search terms used to find this site, and one of them was “make a person out of different body part.” Now I hope I’m not exposing anyone that found my blog and liked it, but I would like to ask this person what they were looking for and why they clicked through to my site. And, from my limited scientific experience, this is not possible. Of course you could get the DNA from that body part to try to clone them. Again, mostly theoretical. Finally, I shouldn’t be quoted as a source for a science fair project. Your teacher would flip if he/she saw my page as a reference. Besides, that’s what Wikipedia is for.

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2 Responses to Blog Stats

  1. C says:

    sorry dude… It was me… I’ve been looking for a few spare parts lately.. Was surprised when I found your site!

  2. statixc says:

    I’m glad I could lend a hand.

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