iPod No More

dead ipod

What do you do with a broken iPod?  My 60 GB iPod photo recently bit the dust.  Oddly, I had a dream it would die about  week ago.  Hopefully I’m not becoming an oracle, because my dreams are generally messed up and I wouldn’t want those visions to become a reality. 

Anyway, I found a blog post that lists sites that will pay you for your broken iPod.  Generally they cannibalize them for parts.  I have also found that fixing your iPod is a lot easier than one might think.   I found another web site that gives step-by-step instructions to replace/fix different iPod parts.  The hardest part: a correct diagnosis of the problem.  I held my iPod up to my ear and could audibly hear the drive failing.  If I hadn’t already purchased a new 160 GB iPod Classic (read: I wanted this item more than I wanted to fix the Photo), I would have fixed my old iPod myself.

Before any repairs take place, a cost analysis should be done as well.  A 60 GB hard drive for an iPod Photo runs about $150 dollars, and a brand new 80 GB iPod Classic is $250 (Best Buy includes a $25 gift card with this purchase right now).  After drooling over my friend’s Classic, I decided a new one was a better spend of my money.

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  1. ipod parts says:

    Great article! I’ve noticed in many instances, the problem actually derives from a faulty HDD cable. People wrongfully suspect that it’s a bad hard drive and this simply isn’t always the case. Thanks for posting this.

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