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The End of Twitter – Why Facebook with Supersede Twitter’s Usefulness

I’ve been using Twitter for close to three years now. At first, I didn’t see it’s usefulness.  I’m frequently bored by what I’m doing, why would anyone else care to know I’m editing PowerPoints at the office or want to … Continue reading

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Internet Sharing and Community – Part II

Marx and Engels start the Communist Manifesto with a warning: the people in power are scared of the coming changes. This warning can be adapted for our times: A spectre is haunting the Internet – the spectre of file sharing … Continue reading

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Jumping Sharks with Google Trends

To jump the shark – a term used to describe something that has reached it’s apex and has started its decline. This term came from an episode of Happy Days. In this episode the Fonz jumps a shark on water … Continue reading

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Streaming Netflix – time to give up DVDs?

Question: is it reasonable for me to trade in my DVDs for cash and rely on Netflix’s “Watch It Now” streaming video selection to always have the movies I want to watch available? I foresee a future where we’ll stream … Continue reading

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The devaluation of social networks

According to Metcalfe’s Law, a network’s value increases exponentially with every additional member. I would argue that not every member of the network helps to increase its value.  Some people purposefully try to make things difficult for others. Some people … Continue reading

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B-boy Mr. Rogers breaks it down!

Pop and lock, Fred!

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WoW thesis study

The World of Warcraft survey for my graduate thesis passed the review board examination! I am researching language development in an electronic medium, focusing on communication in World of Warcraft. Since all communication in World of Warcraft happens through a … Continue reading

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